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Eighties Music has endured beyond its resurgence. History defines it as one of the most outrageous and diverse decades of music and culture worldwide. Hope you tossed the spandex but not your vinyl, CD's and cassettes. Many artists remain active with new albums, touring, reissuing deluxe editions of their catalog and personalized social media activity. Welcome to my site to reminisce and share all our musical memories.

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Lead-In & The Code Trailer

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Five clips total, watch 'em all!

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Interviews with these artists and more on the KJ's Music Talk YouTube Channel now!




Def Leppard returns with their first studio album in 7 years, Diamond Star Halos on May 27...Bananarama are back with their 12th studio album, Masquerade on July 22...Altered Images return after more than 38 years with Mascara Streakz on August 26...Expect new music soon from Bjork, Simple Minds, King Diamond, The Cure, and Ozzy Osbourne as of this update.


Belle & Sebastian A Bit Of Previous...Arcade Fire WE...Bonnie Raitt Just Like That...Tears For Fears The Tipping Point...Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs...Scorpions Rock Believer...Soft Cell Happiness Not Included...Johnny Marr Fever Dreams 1-4...Bryan Adams So Happy It Hurts...new Ultimate Collection releases by Billy Ocean, Bonnie Tyler...The Alan Parsons Project One Note Symphony: Live In Tel Aviv...Elvis Costello & The Imposters The Boy Named If...


Elton John resumes his North American Stadium Farewell Tour in Philadelphia July 15, finishing with back-to-back shows at Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium Nov. 19 & 20. Other bands on the road this year include: Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Blondie, Cheap Trick, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Iron Maiden, Chicago, Alice Cooper, and many more - check your local listings of course!

Record Store Day celebrates its 15th Anniversary on June 18 - support your local Indie stores, the list is here.














           with Dr. Music and Alan Parsons 

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What do you REALLY want to "talk" about?

Here's your chance to create customized music courses based on your specific interests. Intrigued? Check out the details on the documents provided. Click the graphic to learn more or print these at your convenience. Let's Work Together!

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1984 is the year my love for music became an obsession and a way of life. It was also the year I started to attend live concerts and continued to do so with great regularity.


With my musical skills honed from playing an instrument in the school band from fifth grade on, I was also enjoying the performance and theory of music, which I owe to my junior and high school music teacher, who always encouraged and inspired me to become a serious musician. The combination of my new love for recorded and live music and interest in the school music program led to me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music education.


Returning home from college at the end of each school year, I found employment related to my love for music. Applying with hopes for a summer job as an usher at an outdoor concert venue, I was instead hired as a security guard for the stage and backstage areas. Absolutely a dream job for three summers, just the right amount of time, as most major artists would come through to support a new album every few years. I always had direct interactions with all the artists, in addition to being a “fly on the wall” with the same musicians I followed for years listening to pop radio and my stereo.


Upon graduating college, I began my search for my first teaching job. Unfortunately, in an extremely competitive field, I didn’t get the keys to my first classroom later that year. Realizing I wouldn’t be teaching in the fall, I submerged myself into the retail side of the music industry, first as a salesclerk, a secret shopper, and eventually manager for a major national record store chain. After a brief stint outside the music industry, I was hired by one of the five major music distributors. I worked in several capacities over the course of 13 years, gaining a wealth of experience in advertising, marketing, promotion, and sales. Once again, I found myself rubbing shoulders with the artists I grew up listening to, with much closer collaboration than at the concert venue.


As the industry shifted from physical product to digital and streaming, it was time to recreate myself, adapting to a new business model. I took a leap of faith with work as a freelance educator, splitting my time between teaching General Music courses and Choir at three private schools. I also applied for a position as a Music Director for a musical in my community, which led me to directing 50 shows in the world of musical theater. Through my interaction with adults and adolescents enrolled in these programs, I built a studio of private vocal and instrumental students that continues to grow.


Today, I work for an entertainment organization that owns multiple concert venues, clubs, and restaurants. As with my past positions, I’ve had more opportunities to learn about more facets of the industry – relating to venue retail operations, booking, and developing performance opportunities for musicians in the community.


The common thread throughout these experiences is the stories – so many to share with you! Hope you check back often for updates about the artists you love to listen to and learn about. Looking forward to having you on this musical journey with me, where we can share our love for All Things Music!

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